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Friends List

WOW. i love this game. only on livejournal can we do this :D
alright!! i'm going to make a selection of random people, and describe them. then YOU guys have to guess who i'm talking about~~ hahahaha! this should be fun. and dramatic.

1. Since i'm talking to you right now on msn, i feel like you should be my first entry :) teehee~
uh...lets see. I feel like we've gotten SOOOO close since University [not that we werent close before] but i miss you SO much. you won't even beleive it O__O!! I consider you as one of my closest friends, and even best-friend material, but i dont want to say it yet, since the last time i called someone my best friend, i ended up not talking to her after that;;; BUT i love you so much, and i never want to stop being this close to you. I feel like we have sooo much in common [ahem. kpop anyone?]

2. One of my other reallly close friends, i haven't talked to you since FOREVER. But, mostly b/c i'm usually not there when you're talking to me, and when i talk to you, you're usually busy too T-T. i miss you so much!! i miss those days in Taekwondo when we'd like...do the most RANDOM things, and you'd be so real to me, and tell me all the time if i'm doing something retarded. I definately always respect your judgment, and i feel that if it's approved by you, then it's possible. thank you So much, i miss you. come home babe!!!

3. Now, possibly one of my closest friend at the moment, my charlotte york, my bella, my other giving-nicknames-to-guys-so-they-dont-know-we're-talking-about-them-during-gossip. <3 i miss you!! i love that we always gossip and email to each other, and we're always in contact, and I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL GIRL'S NIGHT OUT [ha! you know who you are now] i miss you!! i have so much to tell you! even though the last time we talked was like..what..last night? we talk everyday, but i feel like each day, i have something NEW to tell you all the time. I love those days when we'd go out and karaoke, ruin our voices, all w/o drinking. I feel like we can tell each other EVERYTHING, and we dont judge each other!! Though, sometimes I know that i shouldnl't consider myself this close to you, since you clearly have 2 other best friends, and managing everything is too hard. so, i'll always be close to you and i miss u!

4. Wow, these past few days, i feel like i've really opened up to you, and i'm always honest to you now. But, sometimes, i feel like you're cushioning stuff for me, and not telling me the truth a whole lot; but..tha'ts fine, i'm sure it's just a thought i'm having, since you definately said you dont do that. I know what you mean. However, i feel very close to you too, since...well, we have been talking alot more lately, and we have such similar friends. I feel like we've both been through alot together, and to have it all go away would completely suck, so lets continue this :)!

5. Also, i feel like ive opened up so much more with you, and now its so easy to talk to you. We have this..connection thing i feel, like...we'll always have each others' backs? i feel like that with you too 4. I hope next year, we could stay together :)? all 3 of us again? hmm? XD

6. I am so indebt to you, and i owe you SO much. Thank you for everything you did, you are an actual true nice person. I keep feeling like i make you do so much for me, but you always just do it, even without complaining thanks! I know we had some things happening last year, but i'm definatey over that...You're now my confidante <3 lets keep in touch eh? Its time i take care of YOU now

7. Eh, alright. i'm really sorry to you, since i haven't been replying your messages lately, but...I feel like...i dont know. i'll talk to you when i come back to toronto :)

8. HA you are the sweetest person. next to #5. you'er so nice, and you take care of me so well. Even though, i know half the things you say are bull, i love that you still are so nice to me, and will never say anything truly mean to my face....I think you have a really good personality. best of luck with the laaaaadiess~~~ :)

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